PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment )   


ZTI and its  Partners can supply PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment ) to be used

 in the fight against the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The PPE will be sourced from quality manufacturers whom are certified to make the

product and abide by USA standards.

The  manufacturers are capable of producing high volume and high quality products

 at very reasonable prices.

Representative examples of the products being offered are as follows:

1)    N95 and KN95 Respirator Masks                                                2) Surgical Masks

3)  Goggles                                       4) Protective Gowns                5) Full Protective Suits


Since the product is in high demand, email ( JLZambo@Aol.com ) or call ( 412-736-1910 ) to

obtain prices and delivery times. Large Orders are required to get into the plant’s production schedule.

ZTI, located in Pittsburgh and with an office in Beijing, has been assisting USA companies in

 buying products from China. ZTI, with over 25 years of working experience in China and over

 45 years in the USA, is committed to helping you find a low cost and practical solution for your needs.


 Face Masks Available in Pittsburgh - New Products And Reduced Pricing


I hope everyone is well, surviving this terrible Pandemic, and staying safe. Unfortunately, the new variants keep coming.

It is great that we now have the vaccine but based on CDC recommendations, it looks like we will need to wear masks longer

and they should be N95 and KN95. If you wear a cotton mask, then you should double mask with s 3-Ply.


I believe the CDC will soon loosen its Mask recommendations but under certain conditions will still want them to be worn indoors

for maximum protection.

Over the past few months, I have expanded my PPE Mask suppliers who have inventory in the USA and can provide fast

and reliable delivery. New Products include Harley N95, Powecom KN95 and LHM 3-Ply Masks as well as Reduced Pricing

on others.


They are all approved by the CDC and FDA and I believe are good products. Until the vaccine is widely distributed,

Mask wearing, social distancing, and washing are the best solutions.


I have stocked some in Pittsburgh for immediate delivery and they are as follows:

Representative pricing is below but final pricing and availability needs to be verified.


N95 Masks                                                                                         USD   Per Mask. Per Box

 1) Patriot N95 Cup Style - 5 Ply Made in the USA (Box of 25)          Price   $ 1.50   $ 37.50

 2) Harley N95 Folded      - 5 Ply Made in China  (Pack Of 20 )          Price  $ 1.50   $ 30.00


KN95 Masks                                                                                  

 3) Powecom KN95 Folded Earloop-4 Ply Made in China (Pack Of 10)  Price  $ 1.00  $ 10.00

 4XIKII KN95 Folded Earloop -5 Ply Made in China ( Box of 50 )       Price  $  .75   $ 37.50


Surgical Masks

 5) Taruo Surgical Mask - 3 Ply - Made in China (Box of 50 Blue)      Price   $  .25    $ 12.50

 6) LHM ASTM Level 3 - 3 Ply - Made in HK (Box of 50 Blue)           Price   $  .25    $ 12.50


Face Masks

 7) FamaPro Face Mask - 4 Ply - Made in Vietnam (Box of 40 White) Price  $   .25   $  10.00


The N95 Mask is the best mask with two head straps for a tight protective fit. They are made in the USA and China.

KN95 from China is also very good and the only difference is that they have ear loops.


The 3 and 4 Ply are also great to put at the Reception desk so visitors or personnel can get one if they need one.

All of the above masks are in Pittsburgh and are ready for immediate local delivery. Inventory and Pricing

may vary and should be confirmed.


Payment terms will be Net 30 days after delivery based on a simple P.O.

I am waiving the Minimum Order Quantities on these items and they can be purchased by the box.


In addition, I have other normal PPE equipment such as other types of masks, goggles, gowns and wipes that

are in the USA and can be supplied in about one week based on Minimum Order Quantities.

Also, other N95 Masks that can be purchased based on MOQ at great prices are below.

I have samples of them.  Unfortunately, many other styles are SOLD OUT. They are

      1) Patriot N95 White Cup in Reg size  - 5 Ply Made in USA ( Box of 25 ) - $1.25 each MOQ 500

      2) Patriot N95 White Cup in small size- 5 Ply Made in USA ( Box of 25 ) - $1.25 each MOQ 500 


I look forward to hearing from you.  Best Regards and Stay Safe


John L. Zambelli   President-Zambelli Technology Intl  Email: JLZambo@aol.com   Mobile :412-736-1910